Wednesday, August 29, 2018

No Trestle Day 1

For years I have been really attracted to a nearby site with trees, water, and a train trestle.  I have mentioned it off and on because to me it is extraordinarily paint-worthy.  So, since I have a mal-functioning computer that won't allow me to print my photos and I couldn't begin the painting I'd planned on, today I decided to start the trestle painting.  Finally!

When you look at the photo, please remember that it is the result of one day:

Hmm. Do you notice anything?

You're right.  There's no train trestle!  Even though Sharon has a son who is a professional train photographer, she doesn't share my love of rusty trestles - including the one that should be in this painting.  So I agreed to try this as a pure landscape.

We'll see.

Whisper: I still think it should have the trestle!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

It has been brought to my attention that I have not written since August 1.  Now that is just not what I had hoped todo.  While I know what the problem is, I don't know how to resolve it.  Since starting this writing experiment, I have done so after dinner and usually while watching TV with D.  The difficulty, you see, is that that is also when I do "handwork": knitting, embroidery, rug hooking, working on my photographs, and drawing (only occasionally), and those activities have thoroughly kept me from discussing those same activities here.

Will that change?

Well, probably only a little, but I do hope you will start checking in once a week to see if there is anything worth reading.

The last time I wrote, I had started another Lancaster, PA based painting.  That one is now finished and is completely out of my system.  By which you should rightly assume that it isn't among by best, but it was fun to do.  Here is Wash Day.

Tomorrow I will start another, but I haven't been able to print any of the photographs that I'm interested in.  Wish me luck on coming up with something worth while.

You might also think about wishing me luck in managing to write once a week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Next Art/Craft?

The completion of the crazy quilt block gave me an opportunity to change my evening activity.  Of course, I had promised myself that I would get back to the rug hooking, but there are other things I also want to do and/or need to do.

So here's a list:

  • Rug hooking - complete Autumn Perch 
  • Crazy Quilting - start Spring block
  • Knitting - Start one of many knitting projects
    • oops, sew the pockets on the shawl before I can claim it finished
  • Wool work on the log cabin table runner
At least that's all that comes to mind right now (there are probably more).

Anyway, I've hit on a scheme that may work.  Or not.  At least it's a plan.

Last night I worked on rug hooking.  At this point I'm working on the night sky around the moon.  Since I'm trying to add the rays of light against the deep sky, it's all an experiment which may or may not be successful.  Only time will tell.

The spring block has still to be cut out and then assembled before the "interesting" stitching can begin.  The base is ready, the materials for each piece chosen, and I'm eager to start.

Tonight I started a knitting project.  It's a relatively easy project which is why I chose it.  First I thought it might do as a travel project, but I decided to drop that since knitting tools aren't always viewed enthusiastically on airplanes.  That may mean that I'll put it aside and pick up a knitting project that was started last year and put aside as problems arose.  The two I"m thinking about won't be too dreadful to fix, but they will take both time and close attention.

Today I cut out two wool leaf shapes that I plan to embroider, but then I thought it might be smarter if I hadn't cut them out.  Embroidering the wool while it's a larger piece would be both easier and the wool would have less of a chance of ravelling.

So there it is.  Alternating among the projects has the advantage of keeping my interest keen, but it also might hinder concentrated, consistent work.  It also may not work if I find interest waning in one or more of the projects.

Time will tell.