Sunday, June 7, 2015

Readying a Quilt

This is the week quilts must be mailed to Vermont for the Vermont Quilt Festival.  My quilt is almost ready, but there are still some things I need to complete.

First, there is a piece of muslin masking my name and quilt information as required.  However, that piece of muslin has the registration number from my guild's fall quilt show written on it.  I either should take that piece of muslin off and make another or simply put duct tape over the number and leave it.  That's a lesson learned because you know what I feel I should do!

Second, I should check - again - that there are no loose embellishments or or other surface problems.  I think I'm all right there, but because of the packing/shipping issue, I do need to check.

Third, another requirement is placing the quilt in a plastic bag, and I have to check the one I have to be sure the quilt will fit.  Yes, I should have done that sooner, but it's a new regulation (or new since the last time I sent a quilt to that show) and I forgot about it.

Fourth, after re-reading the instructions for getting the quilt from here to there, it will have to be taken to UPS for mailing.  Even that may take a while depending on any number of things.

Fifth, once the quilt is mailed, I shall have a glass of wine!

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