Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stourhead Wildlife

Last night I had difficulty getting to sleep but still got up close to our usual time so I am finding myself quite sleepy tonight.  We are also off for a bit quite early tomorrow so I'm going to take the easy way out tonight and entertain you with some "Wildlife" from Stourhead (which appears to have gotten misplaced in this chronicle - oh well, I'll try to put that to rights next week).

A swan and her cygnets.

These are coots.  The one on the log is a juvenile.

A closer look.

Probably my favorite photo of waterbirds that I've ever taken.  Click on the photo, then look very carefully at the left-hand side - that's the female coot diving for a bit of bread.  Can you see her?  Her feet are near the surface, her body is stretched out all the way down where she has the bread in her beak.

Mallards, ho-hum - they seem rather bored, too.

Sleep well!

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  1. the birds are all very cute - yes, I saw the feet - and right now I think I'd love to jump into the water and swim with them!!