Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Progress on an Art Quilt

Today I spent a lot of time working on the art quilt that I'm making for the upstairs bathroom.  I know that putting a quilt in a bathroom may sound strange, but the upstairs bathrooms were updated and are now very, very white.  That was deliberate because I wanted to be able to change colors whenever the mood strikes.  Paintings won't be happy in such an environment, but quilts rotated from time to time should be okay (which gives me an excuse to make several quilts for each bathroom!).

The last time I put a photo of this quilt in the blog I had just re-done the checkerboard road.  Did I mention at that time that no matter how hard I tried that road kept on showing up smack dab in the middle of the quilt?  I think it's trying to tell me something.  Today I pinned (and re-pinned, and re-pinned over and over) the trees that are another part of the background.  They aren't sewed down yet so you'll be able to see little yellow dots all over the place.  Those dots are the heads of the pins. Here's how it looks now:

As I look at it now in the photos, there are a few things I wonder about.  My original intention was to have the trees growing from the highest "hill" down to one of the lower levels.  Today I seem to have forgotten that completely, but it only looks way.  The "birch" trees will be pulled down and some other lighter colored trees and saplings will be there too.  Guess I should do that before I sew any trees down.  This, with only some of the pieces in place, isn't as helpful as I had hoped

This photo is different only in that I cropped the left-hand side to see if I could "move" the checkerboard road that way.  Don't know that it works very well.  Does it still seem to be in the middle or is that because the lower right-hand side ends abruptly?  I do know that the trees closest to the road aren't happy.  Originally there was only one, but it was too big so I cut it in half.  The severely straight side on each tree is awful.  Well, that's easily fixed.

Tomorrow I meet with the art quilt group, and I'll see what they have to say.


  1. That is very an amazing artful work!!!! It will be very nice in that white place, and will add a lovely touch there. Every thing starts strange then be nice , and acceptable. lol. Very good work.

  2. this is really great. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!! And I just know you're enjoying that group!