Sunday, April 5, 2015

San Diego 1

It has been a month since I wrote last; that's a first for me and not something about which I am very proud.  We traveled three out of the four weeks of March, but I made no attempt to get caught up on those few days we were home.  Well, I am back and have lots and lots of photos to share (several of which are being kept in my "Paint Worthy" folder as possible future subjects.  Others are in reference folders for times when I need to check exactly what a bobcat or a great horned owl or a tree with Spanish moss looks like.

Our photo tour will begin with San Diego where we stayed with brother D and his wife E.  Actually we were in Del Mar just across a few roads - but within sight of - both the ocean and Torrey Pines Preserve.  (I recommend that you click on the first photograph and scroll through all of them to get a better look at these pictures).

Almost every day, husband D and I joined brother D (hence forth referred to as BD) on his daily walk.  That was a pleasure as BD is both very knowledgeable about this area and its flora and fauna and a lot of fun to be with.

The first day we walked on the beach for a bit.  These are two photographs of the waves and the local pigeons. The composition of first one pleases me.  It's a bit stark, but the action of the waves, the spit of land with gulls in a social group, the inlet where the ocean water flows into a marshy area, and the simple palette all appeal to me.  Paint worthy?  Probably not, but I like it anyway.

Here is a close up of those gulls above; it's a reference photo.  I hope to paint an ocean-side scene, and if I want seagulls, well, here they are.

You may notice in the days that follow that I was enamored of anything green that was in bloom.  No wonder given what the weather was like where we live!  This is not only a photo of the yucca in bloom, but it is also a view from Torrey Pines (only about half-way up the road) looking back towards the beach and the hillside where BD and E were staying.  

I should apologize for this photo as it isn't much to look at, but there is a reason I took it.  This is an example of a Torrey pine and is a decent reference photo.  You can see how the wind (which is a nearly constant force where these trees live) has shaped the tree.  You'll be seeing more of them in subsequent photos.  Unfortunately, like many other trees, these are in trouble.  There is a serious problem with the bark beetle that is causing serious damage to trees that are weakened by the changing climate.  I may not have this exactly correct, but if you are interested, I suggest you check this site: 
for a more accurate description of what is occurring.

"Should we go left or right?"

 The caption on this picture of BD and D says it all.

This is an opuntia, aka, prickly pear, which is getting ready to bloom.  Later in the San Diego series, you will see one with open blossoms.  

Here is a hummingbird perching on a palm frond.

Blue sky, sea, and sand.  What more could north-easterners want in March?

Oh, right, maybe a shrub in bloom.

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