Monday, October 26, 2015

Cortona and the Unexpected

Something must be in the air (besides leaves, wind, and acorns!) because again I forgot to post an entry!  Before beginning with our B&B in Cortona, here are a few random landscapes.  The first has that wonderful combination of trees in varying colors of green and a distant Tuscan building.

This next one is notable for its distant hill and the cloud cover on the farthest one.

Just in case you couldn't get a good look at the "distant hill and cloud cover" . . . here's a close up.

Now on to our B&B in Cortona.  D and I were on what I think may have been the third-and-a-half floor.  Try and figure that one out; it's almost impossible to explain other than saying there seemed to be towers and half-towers.  Naturally that makes it all clear, right?  Ha!

Yes, that is a non-modern version of a "cook top"in the bedroom.  It made a great place for D to use as a luggage rack.  The cabinet was the usual closet, and it was as functional as it is lovely.  

We had our own Botticelli - rather a decent reproduction.

Ceiling and bed - note the bedside lights.

 This is the third floor breakfast room.  The mother of the owner (who was unfortunately ill) presided over our breakfasts here.  Very much the Italian hostess, she really wanted us to "Mange, mange, mange!"  That is, "Eat, eat, eat!"  Her English was almost non-existent, but she worked hard to make us comfortable.

The stairs you see led to the actual fourth floor tower.  Our stairs were half that many - hence the 3 ½.

And now for a teaser - it most certainly was a teaser for us as we had no idea what was going on.  Here's what we saw from a window:

Sorry it's so dark but they were in an alley way.

And yes, they are archers in medieval garb and they are practicing!  Neat, right?  But what's going on?  All will become clear - eventually - as it did for us. It took a while so you'll have to wait, too.


  1. the landscapes in Italy are so very beautiful. I love all the old buildings and the architecture and especially the history !! Keep the photos coming.

  2. With the first photo of your room, I thought interesting, but not special. But then that ceiling and the Botticelli, oh my. And I can just taste that wonderful Italian coffee in the breakfast room. Brings back memories.