Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Just in case anyone is wondering, I took a total of 3,547 photographs over 15 days.  Have I mentioned that number before?  I bring it up because I was surprised at how few photos per day that works out to be.  Aren't you glad you don't have to sit through a slide show of all of them?

Back to Cortona. Yesterday I left you with a tease - what we saw from a window in our B&B, and today you will get a glimpse of one of the surprises Cortona had in store for us.  But first, adding to my collection of alleyways is this one with the "bridge" between buildings.  I like speculating about why that connection was constructed.  Notice the open door on the left?

 This next street emphasizes the consequence of building a town on a hilltop. St-e-e-e-p streets (and very fit townspeople).

Below is the Palazzo Comunale which is exactly as its name suggests. You may recognize it again tomorrow.

One of those whimsical photos that I love to take.  First the archway caught my eye as being both different and lovely.  Then as I focused my camera, I saw through the archway.  Voila! an unexpected view.

That archway is actually part of the Palazzo Comunale. This is another one.  Look beyond the waving flag and you get a glimpse of the countryside below the town.

And here is the reason for the sight we saw out our windows.  There was an archery contest in which women participated as well as men.  Children of both sexes also participated. That made me feel good that this tradition was being continued with the younger generation. The contestants were groups from Cortona and other towns.  We had no idea this was scheduled for the day we were visiting.  Weren't we lucky!

This alleyway is once again extremely steep but look at the lovely colors of the stone!  I've mentioned it before and probably will again that limestone, especially weathered limestone, is beautiful in its many colors.

Oh the treasures you can see when you look as C likes to say "Up, down, and all around."  How can one not when in places like this?  See the aqua shutter that seems to have been painted to match the stained glass one?

Cortona has at least sections of its wall remaining (as we did not walk all over the town, I don't know if all of it remains, and if told, I don't remember).  One gets really fine views from that wall - and another reminder of how high this town is from its surroundings.

In the next photo you can see the lake in the distance.  I'd have to look at a map to tell you which lake it is, but I do know it isn't Lake Como.

And the final photograph for today is for C and DH, our intrepid and very patient guides.  This is the Stairway of Unexpectedness.  I can't tell you the story because it isn't mine to tell, but let's just say that although you can't see it from the top, there is a stairway near the bottom of the hill.  Then let your imagination write the rest of the story.

Finally, for my quilting friends who might still be expecting me to write about quilting, here's proof that sewing machines are everywhere. And note the subtle sign.

Do you think this machine was used to sew Gucci fashions?


  1. I can't help but look at each photograph as a painting opportunity. Which probably is not fair, because they can all stand by themselves as wonderful photograph records of an unforgettable trip. But being who I am, how about those archers? The composition appears perfect; the photo captures the energy of the archers, and I love the man appraising his female competitors. For painting purposes I seem to favor those photos with people even when just a suggestion in the distance. Can you manage 2000 preliminary drawings?

  2. I'm with Est - I think each of your photos is a fantastic painting waiting to happen! They're all beautiful and I am enjoying each one you choose to share!