Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Nursery Specializing in Azalea

Okay, the title of this entry may be a bit of a "come on" because I find I don't have many photos of azaleas for today.  However, the master here is known for his bonsai azaleas.

The first photograph is simply a lovely tree; the color is just superb.

Doesn't this one look like a giant bonsai?

I took the above picture because I really wanted the picture below.  Having the one above lets me know what the tree is doing all-slantwise sheltering a lovely white rhododendron.

 The tree below was put on its side and what became the uppermost branches were  wired to the side to form the bonsai you see below.  I find myself intrigued by the methods used to create art.

Okay, shadows intrigue me.  This is a tile with an abstract design of some "branches" in the middle.  Then the shadows of a real tree branch and some pine needles happen to fall just right on the tile.

David and David trying to figure out what to do with a tree.  The answer?  Bag the tree!

Shadows again - a super plant and its shadow.

Modes of transportation . . . 

Finally!  Azaleas. . . although not in bonsai form.

Pots and pots and pots and still more POTS!

Do you think I got carried away?  Well, you're right, but I will make it up to you with the flowers to follow, okay?

Oops, where'd these pots come from?

I'll make it up to you (again) with some lovely bonsai - including azaleas.

No azaleas here, but I love this photo, a great tree-over-rock with wood grain around it, and the windows with interesting divisions.

A worker's tools . . . .

A wonderful sink . . . .

Weighing pots?   Really?  Oh well, it's a neat scale.

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  1. that first photo is stunning color !!!! And all your photos are terrific. The second pot photo reminds me of my sister, Barbara's basement - with shelves of pottery!! If I had a green thumb, I'd take any one of those bonsai. They are absolutely beautiful !!!