Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Morning in Kyoto

After an early breakfast, D and I decided to walk to a nearby temple since we had the time and that particular temple was not on our itinerary for the day.  It turned out to be a great decision. The first photo is the Shoren-in Temple early enough in the morning so there were very few people about.

One monk was up and headed in the same direction we were.  The map could have been quite useful, but we decided just to wander.

As we went around a corner, my attention was snagged by these wonderful bell shaped windows.

Then there was this unique view through the back of the temple to the front.

As you can see, the landscape was lovely!

I like rocks, too - especially when they provide a home for a flowering plant that happens to look a lot like wild violet.

Hidden in a corner that we almost missed was this Buddha with bells and a floral offering.  Just look at the stone wall behind him!  I haven't found out the significance of the purple "bib" on the statue, yet.

On our way around to the front we found another "straight through" view.  Gorgeous wood.  And there's that landscape again!

Another roof edge?  Yes, but just look at that ornamentation!

Then, because we still had some time before we needed to be back to the hotel to meet up with the others, we decided to get to the big temple we had seen on our way in.

There were two guardians on either side of the Torii gate.

Remember the photos of the place where people washed hands for purification before visiting a temple?  Here are better photos of one such place.  First the whole building:

Then a close up that shows the bamboo pipe, spigots, and ladles as well as the stone "sink".

On the way out we passed this statue of a Chinese Lion (sometimes called a "Foo Dog").  He look as though he's about to take a bite out of that small branch, doesn't it!

On the way back to the hotel, we passed a great chance for an interesting photograph.  The Japanese are great bike riders; they use their bicycles to go anywhere, any time.  This bike was on the third floor. 

I think it made a neat picture and the wires give quite a modern feel to the composition.


  1. This really had to be the trip of a lifetime. Once upon a time I wanted to go to Japan. I am fascinated by the people, their reverence of the older population and all their art. Seems like it is everywhere!

  2. I do think we visited both of those temples. I would have to go back to may photos to confirm. We, too, found going early in the morning before the bulk of visitors arrived provided a totally different experience. More calm and in communication with nature. Before we get together when you can show me your photos in more detail, I shall have to review my photos to see how many of the sites we also saw.