Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Final Re-Cap of Qlt Camp

The last day of quilt camp fun and frolic opens with a photo of ME's latest project; this one a college quilt for the daughter of a long-time friend of her family.  It's called the disappearing pinwheel which may seem like a misnomer, but it is accurate.  One makes a large pinwheel block, cuts it into three equal pieces, reassembles it, and in this case winds up with a pinwheel inside a churn dash.  Neat isn't it?

Not only is the pattern neat, but I love the red and white and the fact that ME made two using the same fabrics but in reversed positions.  She has many more completed and still more on the way to completion, but this was all she had on the wall when I wandered by.

Here is a picture of ME - uncharacteristically serious but full engaged in her task.  Like others ME makes quilts for others before she makes one for herself.  The result?  ME has no quilt on her bed; now that's just wrong!

Finally there are the items I worked on.  Here is my version of the cat block made for the Schenectady quilt guild.  While I had intended to be more creative than this swirly gray fabric (yes, I know it looks black but pictures don't always tell the truth), it looked so like cat hair that I couldn't resist. 

Then there are more Friendship blocks for the BOM I started last month.  Four came from fabric as part of the program and four came from my stash and Log Cabin.  

Finally I finished pieced the "blocks" for this little table mat/candle rug that I had started last November (I think).  Like the Friendship squares above, it too is paper-pieced.  Working on the former BOM made me remember this little piece so I dug out to finish and found the fabric with the birds that you see in three of the trees.  That made me especially happy, and all I have to do now is sew it together! 

With my schedule that may happen some time in June if I'm lucky!


  1. Wow, I do look serious - and the photo of my blocks looks darned good. You got a lot accomplished - and what's better, you had plenty of exercise doing it - getting up to iron all those little and not so little pieces. It was a fun weekend and next time if I see you with your camera, I'm going to try to smile!

  2. Smiles are good, but I think you look great in this photo, too!

  3. Smiles are good, but I think you look great in this photo, too!

  4. I had a great time those 2 days and enjoyed spending time with you Noel. You are always so willing to share your knowledge and encouragement with me and others. I truly love the Christmas "Mat". It appears to be floating! PS: Love the bog.....