Monday, May 5, 2014

Quilt Camp: Room 2

 Over the years, ME and I have made good friends among the people who participate in quilt camps on a regular basis.  Two of the women come from a distance in order to work together.  The lady on the right, Ginger,  drives in from Connecticut to spend time with her daughter-law.  Ginger sews just about anything from garments for grandchildren, to aprons, to bags, to this wonderful quilt.  Note the flange she sewed on just before the border.  It really sets that off beautifully

You may remember this one, but I can't recall the name of the pattern.

This is Lisa (the daughter-in-law who lives about 2 - 3 hours away) a quilter who can sew anything from easy to the most difficult and do it all to perfection.  She is very patient and spends some of her precious time every quilt camp to teach the rest of something new.  This time she taught us all how to make jar openers - perfect for boutique sales! 
This is a pattern Lisa shared with us; it's a BOM she is also working on.
Lisa also makes quilts that would take most of us four days of concentrated labor in no more than a day.  The brown and teal quilt (pattern B-Q) was made the first day.  Keep in mind that what you see is only about a third of the quilt.  In the photo she's sewing some rows of it together.  And there were more projects for which, alas, I don't have room.

Sitting next to those two is Lesley who has grown into a confident quilter over the time we've known her.  She started out sewing only black and white quilts but is now branching out into color.  Look at this one!  Are you familiar with Norman Rockwell's painting "Gossip"?  Leslie has pieced this together (it was all together by the end of our stay at Joyful) very carefully so the pictures are in the right order.  I just love the blue fabric with the old telephones; Leslie is going to use it for the border, also.  The pattern is Alternating Block Basketweave.

Next is Pat who worked on one of her zillion donation quilts.  Wonder if she has kept track of how many she has done?  Anyway, she worked on this one for a veteran using the "Swedish Doors" pattern which is very effective.  I took the picture this way so you can see the whole quilt, and I like the view it gives of this unique use of the patriotic fabrics. Pat has a great eye!

By the way, Pat is another who helps out anyone struggling with her work.  She does it quite quietly, and I think many don't notice what help she dispenses.

Pam and Mary always manage to find a pattern that puts a new spin on ideas that may be getting tired.   Look at this table runner made using a border print.  Once I tell you the name, you'll understand how this is constructed.  The pattern is "Triangle Frenzy".  Pam made three different sizes and used slightly different orientations, and Mary made at least one.  Unfortunately, Mary had taken hers down and moved on to other work before I could take a picture!

Here's my attempt at being clever; I captured all three ladies in one photo!  From the right is Maxine, then Mary, and finally Mary.  Yes, that's correct. The seated Mary is the one who also made the Triangle Frenzy with a border print in a soft medium rose-pink.  Mary just keeps the quilts coming.  Below is Mary's "Tadashi Gardens", and she's just lucky I didn't walk away with it!  Like me, Mary loves the Oriental fabrics (which are getting harder to find), and I think this pattern makes a very effective and lovely use of those fabrics. 

Maxine and Mary were both working on Doug Lecko patterns, and I was really intrigued (I was away when he taught at Joyful).  They were both so kind and took time away from their work to show me the patterns which are marvelously organized and have lots of diagrams.  I certainly don't need any more patterns, but many of his feature stars, and I love stars . . .  So I had to buy one!  The unfortunate part of this is that neither lady put anything up on the design wall so there are no photos.  You'll have to make do with what you see on the table.

Tomorrow, I will finish with the work that ME was doing as well as my own; 

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  1. It's so really good to see photos of my friends. We have such a great group and I look forward when we can all be together again. Also - not only are they wonderful women, but they're talented!!!!