Sunday, December 6, 2015

Venice - Day 2

First thing on our first full day in Venice, I leaned out our window for some local color (quite literally, as you can see).

A wall with character - and shuttered windows:

Couldn't resist taking a picture of a palm tree.  

Our hotel and D leaving it to join me.

Our hotel's chimney tops:

Now here is a composition!

Oh my, I simply could not resist this juxtaposition of - well, everything!

A sneering lion in the Piazza del San Marco:

Up at the top of the Duomo, one is able to see the pattern in the Piazza:

This particular morning the water wasn't too high, but it was there.  You can see the benches on which people stand while waiting to go in the Duomo.  It keeps feet dry!

Another lovely sight down an narrow street:

Pizza dough faces and a nice reflection:

A wonderful window, shutters, and wooden gate:

As I said, the water was a bit high. 

Just some photographs that please me

More Venice tomorrow!

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  1. palm trees in Italy. Who knew? another set of beautiful photos. Great pattern on the piazza. Wonder if my family would eat the pizza if I put faces on it? Worth a try !!