Thursday, December 3, 2015


Venice is such an experience.  I hope all of you readers will have an opportunity to go there, and if you've already been, I hope you get to return someday.  The photo below may be my first shot of the canals that are part of this city, and one of the reasons Venice is so different from other cities.

This composition wasn't planned, but it is a very good one, don't you think?

Gorgeous sky as a backdrop for wonderful architectural details:

Colors and a curious cat.

No cat, but oh my, where are my paints?

Can you believe this sky?  Truly, I did not order it, but I'll take it with these buildings!

One could get drunk on the colors of sky and buildings. I love the bell tower with its row of three bells.

Details of a shop and its windows.

Piazza San Marco.  Deep breath and a pinch to believe I was really there.

And yes, there are pigeons but no where near as many as I thought there would be.  Measures have been taken (and doesn't that sound ominous!) to reduce their number.

The winged lion of Venice:

Saint Mark's clock tower:  The figures at the top strike the hour, the winged lion below, then mother and child with the hour in Roman numerals and minutes in Arabic, and the final round element is the 24 hour clock.

Three close-ups taken of the clock tower from the Campanile (bell tower):

These are some sights from both the ground level and from the top of the Campanile;  a street leading away from the Piazza,

St. Theodore who was the patron saint of Venice before St. Mark.  The crocodile either represents or is thought (by the sculptor) to be a dragon,

and three views of Venice from the height of the tower.

Finally, the most remarkable part of our visit to the top of the bell tower.  The bells rang! and tolled, and struck, and pealed, and . . . we did hold our ears if we could (and weren't holding a camera as I was), but it was a stupendous and exhilarating experience!

If you click on the photo so you can get a slide show view, scroll through the bells quickly to see them swing.

Did you put your hands over your ears?


  1. What a beautiful city. But, of course, I'll bet you can guess my favorite photo. Yup - it's the one with the cat in the window.

  2. You really lucked out on the weather! What a glorious trip you have had.