Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Venice - Entry #4

For my quilting friends, this may come as something of a surprise, and it certainly was for me.  On this trip, I did not purchase any fabric.  Indeed, the closest I came to doing so was this:

. . looking in from the outside.  It looked very promising, but we were heading back to our hotel, and I figured that we would pass this way again. Wrong!  We didn't, and I had no idea where it was so couldn't even ask if we could head that way.  It's a good thing I didn't need any fabric!  And, how would I have carried it all?  So I blithely continued collecting doors.

This was a picture begging to be taken; no translation needed!

It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop either the tourists or the gondolieri (notice how the one on the right is using his oar and his leg to keep his gondola in place).

Even on a rainy day, the views are lovely.

A wonderful lamp -

The water is rising as you can see.

A gorgeous door, but watch out for that first step!

While I should apologize for showing such a poor photograph, I won't.  We went to tour La Fenice  (the Phoenix), the famous opera house in Venice.  I had forgotten that it had burned down in the 90's and didn't reopen until the early part of this century.  You'd never have been able to tell, though. Anyway, we walked into a rehearsal for Mozart's Magic Flute and were able to enter a box to listen and watch for a bit, but taking photos was not allowed.  I took this one (which I shouldn't have, but I reasoned that I wasn't taking pictures of the rehearsal) and took it as quickly as possible.  Too quickly judging by the blurriness!

At dinner on our last night in Italy, we had our first bottle of Chianti presented in the basket we all remembered from our college and newly married days!  

In this entry, the focus has been on our last full day in Venice . . . except for one thing.  We spent a long time in one of the museums on that day, but I decided to save those photographs for another entry.  Or two.

Consider yourself warned.

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  1. I'm enjoying the wait. And that fabric photo -- that is very nicely stacked. I wish my closet looked like that. Sometimes it does - for maybe 24 hours at the most. I have come to the conclusion that Italy would definitely be a place worthy of a nice, long visit !!