Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daily Doings

It was a painting day, and I went off with my practice exercises which consisted of initial washes of color.  In class I began still another using some tips I was given, and worked on adding a second layer to last week's works.  There's nothing worth showing although, if I get photos taken, I probably will.  It's a good way to keep track of progress or no-progress-beyond-mere-changes.

At any rate, I felt good about what I'm doing and learning, and plan to continue working in the same way this coming week.  An important finding was that I really don't care for the paper I'm using.  Naturally, I prefer the far more expensive kind.  Since I am reluctant to use that as practice paper, I plan to try some middle of the road paper this week.  It's not a favorite because it doesn't have the texture of my best paper (which is bound in small sketch books), but I don't think it will show the pattern of weave through the paint as what I've been using does.

After lunch at home, I went up to the studio and put away painting gear so I could cut material for a new quilt (my cutting table serves as a watercolor painting station as well).  That's what I did this afternoon; I cut out fabric for "Scenes and Ladders", a pattern by Karen Gibbs.  My version uses a variety of fabrics I collected before the FG shop went out of business; the focal piece is a Robin Pandolph design of pink roses on a medium blue.  Why I thought it would do for the guest room, I don't know, but it will do as a quilt for a friend of our daughter's.  She likes blue and flowers.  I think I've enough different kinds of fabrics and colors to keep it from being overly precious or cloying.  We'll see.

While we watched the TV this evening, I spent another night on hand piecing.  This particular wall hanging is taking a long, long time (started last summer) because I haven't worked on it consistently.  It progresses by fits and starts as I am easily distracted by other hand work - crazy quilting, knitting, hand quilting, wool work - well, you know how it is!

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  1. yup - I know about fits and spits of progress made on projects. I'm back doing a bit of knitting on my kimono sweater. Maybe by next spring it will be ready - and maybe not! But the thing to keep in mind is progress IS being made!

    Have fun with the new medium paper. Hope it works better than you expect it will.