Monday, August 25, 2014

More of the Lake

Well, I was right about today.  We spent the bulk of our time scurrying around plumbing supply and tile stores hunting down items ordered weeks ago that were inexplicably not available.

Ah well, this too shall pass.  But I am tired and was not able to take pictures of the other paintings I didn't show you yesterday.  

Consolation prize - something even better than paintings.

This is what we believe is a one year old merganser duck and probably a male.  We think he's a male because he swims alone; he's too old to stay with mom and has been sent out to live on his own. You can see that his head is beginning to show signs of the rusty orange feathers.  Doesn't the lake look wonderful?  Now that's water to paint!

Here is possibly another painting.  I'd probably lose about a quarter of the left side to concentrate on the old boarded up window and the forgotten sail boat in the shallows.

And this is just because I like it.  The clouds lifting from the mountains, the still lake sliced by the fishing boat, and the sail boat impervious to it all in its calm water.

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  1. very handsome duck! And both of those photos will make great paintings!