Monday, August 4, 2014

Poof - and They're Back!

Yes, that is exactly what happened - Magic!  Yesterday I opened my pictures and sitting there as smug as can be were my Saratoga Track photos - snickering quietly and nudging each other over the trick they had played on me.  Well, I let them have their moment because they had well and truly snookered me.

So before they decide to gallop away again, here a few I took last Thursday:

One of my favorites - the horse all stretched out and the muddy splashes.

On the last walk about before heading back to the gate. 

A young woman with a camera dealing with the mud.

Thought I would try this function on my camera.  I like it - all except the head in front of me!

After the race - the mud is all over rider and steed.

So it's time for a shower - for the horse,  of course!

I like the juxtaposition of live action with videoed action behind.

The track workers dealing with the mud after the tractors went through.

A well-deserved break.

Not the expression and body language on horse and man with snap on something or other.

Sometimes the worker horses show a bit of temperament, also!

I came home with approximately two dollars in winnings; D lost about that much.  Big bettors we are not, but it was a grand experience.

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  1. Happy you got to come home with winnings, no matter how small they are! The first photo up at the top, with the horse full out, is really a GREAT photo!
    Later, ME