Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Errands and Not Much More

Today was another day almost completely taken up with necessary errands that took all morning.  However, since those were important and went well (one was picking up a finished quilt from the quilter), I am not complaining.

Once home, I did have time to do some preparatory work on the quilt I cut out yesterday.  I almost finished marking the squares to create triangles so when I start sewing, I won't have to stop to do that semi-tedious task.

Then, almost before I knew it, D was back from his errand, it was time for dinner.  We're off to NYC to a ballgame and will be home late.  I am 99.75% sure I won't be awake enough to write an entry tomorrow night so I'll wish you a happy weekend now -

Relax and enjoy!

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