Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December when one is on the Outs

Every year I promise that I will not over-book myself, and every year I do just that.  Yet, I don't know many people who manage to avoid the snare of over commitment.  There's sewing, knitting, baking, painting, decorating, socializing . . . oh wait, that's every month!

Actually, what threw me for a loop (small loop, small "l") today was the search for cinnamon chips.  You know, cinnamon chips for baking that are (usually) relatively common around the winter holidays.  Except for this year.  I had very helpful people directing me to the snack aisle (supposedly for cinnamon potato chips), the ice cream freezer (great ice cream idea), and the cookie aisle (chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon? sounds good!).  But no.  Even when I did a thorough check at a second more well-stocked grocery store, I found no cinnamon chips.

Once home, I researched on line to find a substitute and was directed to many sites for a how-to on making my own.  Not going to happen.  I also realized why the stores had none.  That more well-stocked store led me to the truth.

Cinnamon is not "in".  Caramel is.

I'm on the "outs".

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  1. oh, dear!!!! Well, the upside is - caramel is very good !!!