Thursday, December 8, 2016

Helpful Hint/s

Along the lines of yesterday's posting, this one is for everyone out there who is up to her/his neck in holiday baking.  Or everyday baking for that matter.

Today, I started doing some baking, and yes, I know it's late for a "start", but well, if you've been reading this blog, you understand.  I need to make about 6 batches of biscotti (2 each of 3 different kinds), and if you've baked biscotti, you know they aren't difficult just time consuming.  Indeed, they are one of the most forgiving and easiest of holiday treats one can bake.  The time consuming part is the twice-baked part.

And this is where the helpful hint comes in.  Some of you will say,"Well, DUH!!!" because you've known this forever, but I didn't grow up in a family that made biscotti nor did I have a cookbook that was full of information regarding the baking of biscotti.  Until I purchased the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.  

Here's the hint: after the first baking and the cooling period, BEFORE slicing the biscotti "log", spray that log with water using a clean spritzer (easy and inexpensive at a drug store Walmart type place), wait 5 minutes, and then slice the biscotti log. That spritz of water will soften the baked crust and keep it from crumbling when you start slicing the log.  

Use that little, easy hint, and you'll have neatly sliced biscotti that look professional.

But an even better hint?  If you love cookies like I do, but that cookbook,  King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.  

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  1. got it and I even know where it is. Trouble is - no time :-(