Monday, December 5, 2016

Some Difficulties Writing Entries in December

I find December a difficult time to write entries.  Although I am involved in many different arts, crafts, and home-related activities, many of these are either standard-issue or top secret.  I could write about my current painting except no work has been done on that since last week.

So I will try to write on occasion about generic doings about the house and post photographs as they happen to coincide with what's going on.  

Today I am posting a photograph of our little artificial tree.  We had decided we no longer wanted the expense, work, and clean-up required by a real tree and that we were ready to try an artificial tree. Of course, initially I wanted one of the super fancy, all over lights, very large (and very expensive) faux trees. Fortunately, due to wiser heads than mine, that didn't happen, and I just happened to find this one when wandering though Home Depot looking for screws or bolts, or arrows, or sledge hammers, or who knows what all, when I saw this 42", perfect-for-a-table little poinsettia bedecked tree complete with lights and enough gold to make my bling-heart happy.

Tomorrow is painting day so I may have something to write about but I'm not promising anything.

Have a good week!

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  1. Perfect tree. And the arrows ? I think you have to go to a sporting goods store cause Home Depot has them hidden in the back and you can't find help to dig them out (ha, ha)