Thursday, June 22, 2017

8th International Bonsai Show

This was the day we actually went to exhibit of trees.  Having had a little experience with bonsai shows, I determined to take only photos of special trees and things that D might want as reference.  From those pictures, I selected 18 and then worked on getting that down to a reasonable number.
  Remember crew cuts?  Scary movies?

 Beautiful screen with Mt. Fuji.

Full exhibit of tree, screen, porcelain, and rock.

Reference photo for me - design inspiration.

 Daughter of a vendor- too cute to ignore!  We were exchanging hand signals.

 Indigo booth . . . restraint was shown (somewhat!).

 Play area - drums and crafts and bounce room.

 Just because . . . great color and design; I call it inspiration.

 Stewartia because I love them.

 Lavender companion plant (love lavender, too).

 Amazing stand!  Pretty nice tree, too.

 Really small bonsai.

 School children worked on bonsai for this show. This is a display of their trees.  I loved this idea!

 Water feature.  I want it.

 This gets my vote for a WOW tree!

There were so many special trees and things to see it was hard to limit myself.  What I posted in this entry is intended to be a really, really quick overview.

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  1. What a pretty little girl !!!! And such wonderful trees!! Must have been a very lovely day!