Monday, June 19, 2017

Wandering around in Tokyo

We spent the afternoon one day sort of rummaging around in a Tokyo market area.  These photos are a smattering of the kinds of places we saw as we wandered.

I saw a window full of color but from the street I couldn't tell what I was seeing.  So out came my camera for the first shot below, and then when I zoomed in, I could see . . . .

Spools of thread!!!

Next there were friends having a chat:     

A place to eat . . . ???

The tuxedo of doors:

A wonderful dragon for fun:

From the inside looking out:

A huge ginko tree:

And then, finally, a fabric shop.  Those rolls hold meters of fabrics.  Unfortunately, if one is interested, one has to buy the entire "roll".  I didn't want to spend that much money even though there were some gorgeous fabrics.  Oh well.  I had purchased some pieces of antique fabrics I liked better anyway.  So there.

Did you think you'd get away without seeing another door?  No way!

Then the expected souvenir shop - the first one of this kind we saw.

A rescued owl from an Owl Cafe:

We enjoyed seeing this slice of life in Tokyo!

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  1. Those spools of thread are so pretty just sitting there! What a wonderful way to spend the day!