Wednesday, June 28, 2017

South Korea - First Day

Yes, we're finally on to South Korea!  Today's photographs are from the morning of our first day.  D and I went out for a quick walk; we needed to get some from cash from the ATM and took the opportunity to wander the streets near our hotel.

How's this for a store full of interesting merchandise?

Lovely planting - the tree looks as though it could be a bonsai if only it were smaller!

Very European architecture:

A very interesting fountain both design-wise and environmentally aware (it is on only in the morning).

Something in the geometry in this picture really appeals to me as do the different languages in which the street names are written.

Back in our room D took out the South Korean currency he got from the ATM.  He put them near the notebook he used to keep a journal of our trip.  It's the first time he did this, and I hope he will continue to do this.  It has been invaluable in writing this blog.  We went so many different places and saw such wonderful things - one after another after another after another . . .  Without his journal, I wouldn't have been able to identify all the photographs I took.

One of my favorite pictures from the first day.  As we left the city on our first foray to a bonsai nursery, looking out the window I saw the South Korean flag flying in the country in which our daughter was born.

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  1. What great photos! Can I say that's a grown up bonsai tree?