Monday, June 5, 2017

How a Photo Leads to a Painting - Maybe

Okay, now the title of this entry is very much like waving a red flag in my own face.  I'm sitting here thinking, "Now how on earth am I going to explain how I feel impelled to paint a particular image?"  I don't know if I can, but maybe in the writing of this entry, I'll figure it out.

First, I'll show you the photographs that for me have to become a painting.  While you are looking at them, see if they tell you a story.  For that's what they give me - below is a drama.

Now that you may have a story in your mind (another way of saying, now that you see the drama), let me explain my reaction.  If you know me or if you've read this blog for a while, you know that a lot of my creative endeavors are the result of me wanting to tell a story - visually.

A group of us were standing outside the place where the 8th International Bonsai Show was to be held just waiting for the doors to open.  There was desultory conversation as we stood aimlessly looking about us watching people walk by.  We were on a street that wasn't crowded yet nor was there much traffic.  The businesses around us were open, but people weren't hurrying to get anywhere specific.  

As we stood there, a small group of child minders passed by with a group of very small, pre-kindergarten children all wearing similar hats.  Each adult was wearing black leggings and a similar tunics with child-friendly cartoon-like images on it.  Each adult had two children by hand as they walked.  

Of course, as you can imagine, we all oohed and aahed over the sight of these little ones and watched with fond smiles as they slowly went past.  Suddenly, one child decided she'd had enough, pulled her hand away, and plunked herself down on the sidewalk.  There were no tears, no yelling, no kicking of little feet.  Just a simple, "Now what are you going to do?  I'm just going to sit here."  It was a minor rebellion that ended with the child minder going back, taking the child's hand, and walking on.

But!!!  That little one turned around and gave us one long look.  What was the point of that "sit down"?  What was that child "saying"?  Why did the child get up a move on without demure?  Finally, why did the child turn around?

It was a small incident, but to me it was a drama that I am itching to paint.

In my mind, I can see this as a painting, and I know the title, "Tokyo Street Theater".

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  1. I'm surprised there were no tantrums from any of the children! And the child sitting down is so precious! Have fun painting that one!