Thursday, May 3, 2018

Last Night's Show

Yesterday D and I went to see "The King and I" at one of our local theaters, and it turned this year's theater experience around. Let me explain.

First of all, I had an ulterior motive for buying season tickets this year.  By doing so, we are guaranteed tickets for "Hamilton" next year.  Not very noble, right?  Okay, to make it even worse I am not a big fan of musicals of an earlier era - like "South Pacific" or "Sound of Music".  So I was skeptical about many of the shows we were to see this year.

Unfortunately, my skepticism was partly right.  While I didn't detest the shows we saw, I didn't love them either.  To be really fair, my dislike was partly because they amplify the sound so much it is brutally painful, and oddly enough, one can't hear the words (odd, isn't it? - when the sound is too loud, one can't discern what the separate elements are).   Because of that I had been seriously thinking about dropping this activity in the future (after next years tickets which have already been purchased).

Okay, but . . .  Last night's performance was not amplified!  Nor did it need to be.  It was also true to the original - or least quite close (I had only seen the movie version).  What surprised me and what I didn't remember is the part in the last act where the members of the palace re-enacted Uncle Tom's Cabin for the visiting English ambassador.  I may not have remembered that part because it may not have been memorable or because my memory is faulty!

Last night's re-telling of the American classic was perfect!  For example, the position of the dancers' feet and hands could have come from sculpture or other art work of Siam (aka Thailand).  And it was really well done.

Basically, I had a good time last night and will have a more positive outlook

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  1. I am really happy you enjoyed this one. It has such great music! Now, shall we dance? Or maybe we should get to know something about you?