Sunday, May 6, 2018

One Chore Leads to Another

Today there was no work done on either sewing or painting projects, but I didn't mind.  It was a day to finish a left-over chore that weather delayed.  By now I would normally have changed over my wardrobe from winter to spring.  But with the weather as cold as it has been, I kept putting it off as I didn't relish the idea of waltzing around in a sleeveless blouse!

Anyway, three weeks late is better than not at all since the weather is finally warming up.  

As usual, doing a chore like this one opened my eyes to something else that needed doing.  First, a quick description of what "changing out my wardrobe" means in terms of the work involved.  Yes, there were bins with summer tops and socks and things of that sort.  But there were also the many items hung on hangars that had to be carried from the basement to my closet on the second floor.  Since I can't carry too many at one time, I had to make many trips.

All those trips meant I had lots of time to check out the clothes in the basement.  It also made me realize that many of the clothes in the basement haven't been part of any seasonal switch in wardrobe and have been hanging in the same place for years.  The items are primarily jackets that I wore to work and haven't needed to wear since then.  It was hard to part with my pretty things, but now I realize it's just silly to hang on to them any longer.

I'm going to go through those jackets and get them ready for donating in the fall.  While it may sound weird, it has taken me a long time to be able to let go of something I connect with a job I loved, but I'm finally ready now.

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  1. I understand totally the reluctance to get rid of some of the clothes that you once loved. Twice a year, when I change things over, if I'm not in love with it anymore or haven't worn it - it's donated. We don't have much closet space so it's a matter of if you get something new, something old is going to have to go! Congrats on getting it done!