Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Violets in the Lawn

Today, before supper, we went outside and sat for a while just enjoying the lovely weather.  Everything is popping; the leaves on trees, flowering shrubs, and even the grass.  At one point, I got up and started to wander through the garden to see how the plants are growing.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the chipmunks are coming back vigorously, the moles are tunneling happily, and the violets are . . . 


Violets?  We don't have violets!  The occasional dandelions, yes, but violets?  No, surely not.

Well, guess what.  The are burgeoning neighborhoods of violets in our lawn.  Where on earth do they come from?

But they are pretty.

These were found in the garden and are blue and white.  All the ones I found in the lawn ate pure blue.  Interesting.  

But still they will be dug up.

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  1. I'm finding a lot of violets this year, too. By the way, some of that pottery looks familiar!