Thursday, May 10, 2018

Singing the Blues: Violet-wise

While D was on a conference call this afternoon, I decided to go out and pick some of the solid blue-violet violets in the lawn (doesn't that, "violet violets" look odd!) since the variegated ones I picked yesterday were so pretty.

Once I was out there in the sunshine, I started wandering through the garden area to see what was coming up.  Even though it's only been one day since I last checked, at this time of year flowers can shoot up quickly.  While things did look taller and there appeared to be more buds on the early spring flowering plants, there wasn't a great deal to pick.

So I wandered over to the patch of lawn that the violets have co-opted and started picking those that weren't fully open yet.  Amazing how many one can pick and how pitifully small such a bouquet can look in one's hand!

Noting that, I drifted around to the front yard to see what else I could find that might add volume to my bouquet.  Four grape hyacinths had been over-looking by bulb-eating critters so I took them.  Then I checked out the bed of lily-of-the-valley and found the flower stalks were up, but the buds were tight and tiny.  Didn't matter.  The texture would add a nice touch so I cut some. 

Next I realized I didn't have any greenery except the violet leaves and it might be a good idea to add a different shape.  Lily-of-the-valley leaves wouldn't do as they would overpower the little flowers in my hand.  I turned my attention to the white-flower berm and found some really lovely leaves on the anenomes and their flower stalks arch beautifully and end in a visible, slightly hairy bud.  More texture.

All very pretty .

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