Monday, November 17, 2014

Metallic Watercolor Paints for Instruments

The end is coming closer!  Last week I experimented with my new metallic paints and discovered that they aren't to be used by themselves - at least in this painting.  They do not carry color effectively.  Sound strange?  

When I practiced on scrap paper, I found that even the metallics that looked the darkest on my palette, couldn't be seen very well when used by themselves on watercolor paper.  However, once they were layered on top of appropriate colors the shine became evident.  For example, the tuba below has several different yellows, a couple of browns, and orange.  The metallics don't show at all in the photograph.  But if you were to look closely at the actual painting, you would see the sparkle of the two metallic gold paints I used on top of the "regular" colors I just mentioned.

The only one I used in this painting that seemed to be able to carry it's own color is the darker of the two silvers I purchased. You can see it clearly on the drum where it is used by itself across the outside surface of the drum.  

Getting those instruments painted is a huge part of what was left to be done.  Is there more to do?  Oh yes, I made a list of things to work on in class tomorrow and only hope they will all be accomplished.

Now I feel I can say that this painting will be completely done by Christmas.  Thanksgiving would be nice, but I have to be realistic!

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