Sunday, November 23, 2014

Singer Sewing Machine

No, I don't have a photo - yet, but my mother's Singer sewing machine (1928 model, I believe) came home this weekend in its newly refinished cabinet.  The cabinet looks lovely, and all I have to do is have the machine re-wired if I want it to be functional.   

I never learned how to sew on that machine even though I think mother may have tried to teach me.  My memory is that I was never able to get the bobbin thread to cooperate.  By "never" I mean I probably tried once or twice and then gave up.  I had little interest in sewing clothes at that time.  Why should I?  She did such a good job at it that there was no need for me to work at it.  

Besides reading and drawing was far more fun, less work, and more satisfying.

Times change, don't they?

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  1. yes, times do change. But it's wonderful to have your mom's machine and cabinet! Can hardly wait to see it !!