Monday, November 24, 2014


The Thanksgiving flurry of activity is really picking up - or at least it is in my brain.  Today was house organizing, a bit of cleaning (it's actually okay in that respect except for one surprisingly dusty place to tackle tomorrow), laundry, bed making, and a lot of list making.

Here's a first.  This year I made the usual lists of all items we are going to serve, and the dishes in which they will be placed.  Then I added the re-heating of pre-cooked food, (we prepare almost all the vegetables, dressing, and potatoes beforehand), the sequence for re-heating (a combination of guesswork and experience), AND the method of reheating.  It's that last bit all about re-heating that is new on my list.  

It occurred to me that I never figured out when to start re-heating which items or how the re-heating was to be done.  Whether something was going to be put in the microwave, on the stove top, in the toaster oven, or in the regular oven was a toss up year after year.  It always created some anxiety because invariably something was forgotten.

Will it work?  Who knows.  But I do like making lists! 


  1. with a list, it would be harder to forget something. Enjoy the day and the company !!!

  2. A women after my own heart. I post a list on my wall with times that things should be started. From then on it's the timer that determines when I slip away from the guests to do my thing. Last year I discovered that a slow cooker with disposable bag for reheating mashed potatoes is the best invention. Just empty the bag of mashed potatoes into a serving dish, throw the bag away, and all you need to do is wipe up the lid and interior. No elbow grease involved. This year, since I have a big slow cooker, I put both my white cabbage and mashed potatoes into separate bags in the slow cooker. It worked. Now I know that about 4 hours on low should do the job.