Sunday, November 27, 2016

Memories of Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is over once more, but oh my, did we have fun, good food, and companionship!  It was so terrific that I am going to break one of my hard and fast rules: "Don't post photos of family - especially children!"  My reasoning is that my blog is not so popular that it would pose a threat, and that there are so many photos on-line that my few won't make a ripple.

First, Rebecca, Caleb, and Aunt Alice.

 Here's a favorite: David and Alice after (with Caleb's considerable help) finishing the puzzle you see on the table.

Then here's Daughter and Mom.

Another favorite; a grand photo of Papa and grandson.  I think Papa was saying something funny out of the corner of his mouth to Caleb who, very maturely, is ignoring him.

Don't even ask what I was doing (or saying, more likely) in the next and last one!

Finally we have some photographs of one of our family times.  Too often (and I am sure we are not the only ones) we let these special occasions (any time a family or group of friends gets together is a special time!) pass unrecorded.  It happens more frequently when a group has only one photographer.  In our case, I am almost always the one with a camera, and it's hard to be the hostess and take pictures.  It occurred to me that Alice has a phone and could take pictures so I asked.  Simple as that.

I want our grandson to have a record of these days to help him remember . . . all of us.


  1. What a great way for me to wake up this morning! I love all the photos and I'm happy you've got them. Caleb sure is growing up FAST !!! But he's such a handsome -- I was going to say "boy" but he is now a young man!