Sunday, November 13, 2016

Super Moon Night

Back after an unseemly time off.  It seems my "dark side" believes if I have no photographs and/or exciting news, there's no reason to blog.  And my "bright side" agreed!  Do you believe that?  I mean, really?

Oh well, I am still working on the sky for the last watercolor I mentioned.  Truly, that will be the last time I promise to show every study and discuss my progress in detail.  Ha!  I probably jinxed myself with that one.

But I am really making headway with my quilting project.  Quick reminder - it is a traditional quilt pattern with stars.  Nothing truly outstanding about that, either.

So since tonight is a super moon night, I actually have some photos.  The first has a great nimbus; I found myself wondering how I could capture this effect in embroidery.  

I like how the moon appears to be an ornament hanging from the branches.  As luck would have it, the automatic lights on our garage cast the light on the branches; that was not moonlight.  And if you look carefully you can see the silhouettes of more trees at the bottom of the photo.

All in all, it is a lovely evening.


  1. Your photographs are breathtaking. Christopher had told us to watch for the moon. It was overcast here. He climbed Iron Mountain at moon rise and watched the moon with the lights of San Diego far below him. As promised, he sent us photos. They kept arriving while we were at the Met listening to Manon Lescaut. My phone was silenced, but I could feel the vibrations from the buzz. Very exciting looking at everyone's photos!