Monday, November 21, 2016

Was Your Day Like Mine?

This week will be a busy one for everyone, I am sure.  My tale will sound very much like yours - all you have to do is switch the noun and or verb in each sentence (or whatever else works) and you will have your own day.  Today I . . . . 
  • went for a walk (it was the coldest one so far this season)
  • did the laundry
  • wrote some checks (ouch!)
  • reviewed shopping list and added additional items (of course!)
  • mixed two batches of cookies - one for grandson and one for SIL
  • finished packing up summer apparel (I was quite optimistic for a long time)
  • worked on quilting project (made very little headway)
  • polished silver
  • found the tablecloth I want to use (can't find the napkins I looked for)
Now I'm not complaining about what I did (except for the quilting - I really need to get that project moving) because I really enjoy Thanksgiving, but I wish . . . 
  • I could remember where I put things when I "put them away some place safe"!
  • I knew why I went down to the basement once I'm there!
  • my glasses would be on my eyes when my hands are full of other stuff but I need to read something!
  • the fairies who make my basement untidy would tidy it!
  • the phone wouldn't ring when I'm in the only place in the house that doesn't have a nearby phone (the basement)
  • a mouse hadn't been attracted by starch and nibbled away a third of the decorative crochet on an antique linen runner
How did you do today?

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  1. you have bears (that's what Jerry calls a mouse) in your basement? Not fun. my Monday - well, a trip to the bank. Had to skip the post office because it was too busy. Went to work in Schenectady and had a job about a blender - not the type the ordinary person has - but these big industrial room size blenders (man put his hand in while the blades were moving - despite the numerous warning signs!) Had a quick lunch break and ate my apple. Continued first witness and started second. Quit at 5:30. Made it to Schen to pick up my newest silver smithing project. Came home - fed husband and self - and sat in front of TV and fell asleep. Yup - your day was more exciting than mine. But I get to continue mine on Dec 7th -- UUGGGHHH because it means all this stuff has to be delivered next week.