Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Painting Progress

It's been an active day; I've made progress in both painting and quilting.

However, I will focus on the Evansville painting which is turning out to surprise me.  Yesterday I was bound and determined to get the sky behind the building blocked in.  My thought was to lay down a first layer of paint that would eventually be covered with the more intense clouds that I've been working on in study-form for . . . well, for weeks.  I ran into several problems.  First, how to lay down an even layer of moisture on such a large surface.  Second, how to then quickly, quickly, quickly paint the color while the surface was still wet enough to allow the paint to flow.  Third, how to tolerate the result when it didn't match the picture in my mind.  Fourth, how to lift the more egregious areas using whatever blotting materials came to hand (including paper towels, hands, and even a section of my top).  Fifth, how to hide the resultant mess.

Fortunately, I decided to let the whole thing dry and ignore it until today when I would have to take it to class.  When I finally wandered into the studio, a surprise awaited me.  The painting didn't look as bad today as it did last night.  So when I got to class, I merely told Sharon the paint in the sky was intended merely as an undercoat, and she (in her infinite wisdom) suggested that I work on the building instead of going to town on the sky.  That way everything could come together before I could possibly take the sky too far.  And boy, was she right!

Okay, so it isn't finished, but it may be closer than you might think, and I am really liking what is happening.  Definitely time to take some notes before I forget what I did!

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  1. looks like there's a storm coming! It's going to be great. I'm sure of that!