Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Special Thank-You

Many different, positive activities today, but I'm going to tell you about a very young, very gifted young relative of mine.  For the past several year, David and I have sent brother DJ's grandchildren (my great-nieces and great-nephew) pop-up books for Christmas.  I tend to select the work of Robert Sabuda, a great paper engineer but have at times chosen the works of other artists due to the accompanying stories.  Anyway, I admit I love really fine pop-up books because they frequently combine excellent stories and amazing "illustrations".

So, we spent time with these same young relatives this past September during our family reunion in Florida.  Our great-nephew (henceforth known as "GN" because I'm too lazy ((make that too poor a typist)) to keep on calling him by that awkward word combo) celebrated his birthday while we were there and had asked for art supplies.  BINGO!  I could hardly have had more fun than I did with that request; GN received the kind of art supply kit I would have loved having as a child.

Then for Christmas I sent GN a pop-up book on Hokusai's Wave* - a double whammy - art and paper engineering.


And I have to admit as the years have gone on, I have wondered if any of the Greats would wind up trying to engineer their own pop-up art.

Today that question was answered.

Here is the thank you letter we received from GN:

Don't you just love the way children take in information and then turn it around and filter it through their own minds and talents.  Our young, seven-year-old GN is a in a gifted program in school so I find the way he uses information fascinating.

*The photograph of the book was found on:

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  1. First - I am shocked a seven year old wrote a thank you - but a pop up card, too !!!! Very nice and it's great to see that art will continue in your family!