Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Play Day

Today I had a "play date"with ME.  We had arranged to go to the movies if she didn't have to work, and fortunately, she didn't.  We met at Barnes and Noble so we could have a coffee (ME) and a latte (moi) and spend some time looking at books and magazines.  I figured that since I am now more than halfway through the alphabet (letter "M" was Henry and Clara a historical novel about the two non-Lincolns in the box at Ford's theater the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, we had no "N's" left after the book purge, and the next book is the Quincunx, a "Dickensian novel" by Charles Palliser), I could allow myself a couple of quick-reads in paperback which I will then pass on to my friends.  We thumbed our way - very gently - through several magazines, bought only a few to share, and left in time to get to the theater but not until our coffees were finished!

We went to see LaLa Land.   The opening chorus and dance was thoroughly delightful, but after that for a while I found both story and song and dance numbers only moderately entertaining.  The dance  sequences were nothing flashy but were adequate and were still able to make me wish I could dance.  On the other hand, the singing was not strong.

However, I found Emma Stone really good in her role of aspiring actress.  Each time she tried to get a part, her auditions were, to me, fabulous, but she didn't get the nod until . . .  I won't give anything away.  

It became more engaging as time went on, and I left the theater feeling I had been entertained but not blown away.  And that's okay!  

But honestly, the sound level was the loudest I think I have ever had to sit through; it was downright painful!  

If you go, take earplugs!

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  1. I have to agree about the movie. I was not blown away - but I was entertained. The thing is, if Ryan Gosling (is that who it was?) was REALLY playing that piano, he's had a lot of lessons and, to my ear, plays very well. It was fun and must be repeated !!!