Monday, July 3, 2017

The "Pot" Nursery

No, it's not what you're thinking!  This is not about a nursery that specialized in marijuana plants; you will understand the title very soon!

However, the trip from the first two nurseries (D bought his hornbeams at the second one) to the third one provided me with the opportunity for some photographic fun.  The first picture is a fortuitous juxtaposition of shop and commuter.

Being greeted by a "bandit" was not a bad experience as he was "all bark and no bite".

There were some lovely iris nearby -

This is part of the interior of the third nursery, and I think you will begin to understand the title of this entry.  

A clematis that grew in the nursery gave a visual break:

And of course, birdcages . . . 

Birdcages???  Of course!  Well, you never know when one might come in handy, hmmm?

Followed by a work area . . .  although the size of the chair made me wonder how long one could sit and work on a tree there!

But just in case you forgot the name . . .



By the way, I left out several photos of additional shelves of blue and white pots.  Instead, here is one of my all time favorites.  Too bad it was too large for us to buy and take home with us!


  1. They are all great photos and I see a painting in the first one. By the way, my sister, Barbara, many years ago wanted to get the license plate "gone to pot." Well, being as she's a teacher at the local high school, she decided that wasn't going to be a good license plate. So it's Potter 1.

  2. I love to look at pots. This has got to be the largest (and probably best) selection I've seen.