Thursday, July 6, 2017

Touristy Night Time in Seoul

Having taken a rest from the So Korea portion of our trip with the last entry, I'm back to work tonight.  However, there is still a bit of a twist tonight, also.  The photos are all from our evening excursion around our hotel with some friends.  It was most definitely non-scripted, non traditional sightseeing of the kind we had been doing.

First of all, we were hungry!  So the majority of these photos are from the outdoor food market as we wandered among Seoul natives and other tourists like us looking for something to eat.  I'll let you scroll through the photos, stopping at the ones that speak to you without my interference.

After eating, we wandered through the side streets.

Every now and then, we caught a glimpse of special buildings.  One person in our group said that when he was on R & R in Seoul during the Viet Nam War, there were no buildings higher than four stories.  Times have certainly changed!

Like several of the places we saw in Japan, there was evidence in South Korea of a concern for the environment.  This is a wall of greenery in the middle of Seoul - love the name of the building, don't you?

But here is evidence of the difference between the two cultures.  The lion figure is very different from the Japanese.  Love them both, though.  But maybe it's a dragon; those do look like scales.  I should have done my research before writing.

D and a friend strolling ahead of me.

Here's a cobbler hard at work even in the evening.

Then once back in our hotel, we went up to the lounge on the top floor where I took this photograph of the city.

Altogether it was a lovely day - and night!

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  1. Those oranges look WONDERFUL !!! I have no clue what the other food was - but I'm sure you found something that was really good. I do love that building covered in green. Only drawback - no windows and I do love to look out of windows when I'm working! Looks like a wonderful place to visit.