Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Chores

After running errands, we returned home in time for lunch.  That meant that my self-appointed tasks for the day started about 4 hours later than planned.  So as you have already realized, they lasted all afternoon.

On the plus side, I did finish clearing the way for workmen to add another duct in the basement.  And that meant that a few more things made it into the "throw away" pile and some other things actually found themselves neatly organized upstairs.  However, there are still those items which were merely moved from point A to point B because my intention for them is that they will remain in the basement!

Also, my half of another closet was tidied.  That means that there are only closets left (three more) the cleaning and sorting of which will require D's help.  Almost there!  There remain a few cabinets in the family room for D to clear out before I can deal with one of the three closets (the board games must be moved from the wardrobe to either Good Will or a yet-to-be-sorted-through cabinet). 

While I wait for him to find the time (he's been very busy visiting schools and bonsai club responsibilities as well as his own list of chores) to help with the above items, I can move on to bureaus/chests of drawers.

I hope that while I do those, I'll be able to come up with a good plan of where to store everything that lives in the kitchen pantry, cabinets, wire shelving unit, etc. while I clean those storage areas and throw away a lot of post-dated foodstuff and give/throw away items that are no longer used.  

Not very exciting to read about, is it.  It isn't very exciting to do, either!  But I do have such a good feeling when I look at what I have done.  After all the turmoil of the construction this past summer, I really needed to get the house back into shape - clean and organized.  

E reminded that this and the need to make use of 10-minute bits of time probably hark back to that old Protestant work ethic.  Thought I had avoided that gene!

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  1. I have avoided straightening, cleaning, organizing for ages, and now that it's so cold and I'm indoors most of the time, I have been acutely aware of my shortcomings. Today I bought stewing beef to make a beef barley soup and decided to check on the internet to find out how long barley lasts in a kitchen cabinet. I was shocked to find a one year shelf life. Didn't I read somewhere that the foods found in the pyramids could still be eaten? At any rate it reminded me that it really was time for me to clean out my kitchen closets--Protestant ethics or no.