Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Behind the Barn

Last night I missed writing an entry simply because I was busy with something else and lost track of time.  This is being written a bit later than I had intended (after our walk this morning I thought I'd sit down and write, but other requirements got in the way), but at least it is being written!  

Before we went on vacation, I wrote briefly about a painting I had returned to after a year's hiatus.  Indeed, it had been started in Vermont in 2014.  By working on it in Vermont again, I had the benefit of critique from E and brother D.  I'd paint for a while, then put it up on the mantel, and ask for opinions.  Those two are good!  They view things differently, but each one points out things that can be improved.  Sometimes, I had already thought the same thing, sometimes it'd never occurred to me.  Since they have far more experience than I and since they've both done really good work, I listen carefully what they have to say.  Then I think.  

Here is what I took to VT with me this year.  

Here it is again at an intermediate stage.  D suggested I intensify the values of roof and sky on the left to define each better.  E felt the right of the building was underdone (my words - not hers).  I thought everything needed work!

I worked on it more and took it home.  It sat on the piano until it was time to go to class, and every time I went by I knew it needed more tweaking.  Notice that by this time I was talking about tweaks not work.  Significant difference!  When I went to class, Sharon made suggestions - more definition in the background trees and shrubs, deepen shadows in the rocks, and more color on the red barn on the right.  This is the now finished "Behind the Barn".

Of course, as I look at it now, I think . . .  if I just . . .  Put down the brush and walk away, Noel!

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  1. This painting just grew and grew until you hit it out of the park. Great job.