Monday, September 7, 2015

Nature's Art

Yesterday this blog was all about my art so I think it is only fair (and probably more interesting) to focus on Nature's art today.  These photographs do a poor job of showing the magnificence of this scene, but I certainly tried very hard to capture the lowering sky, the eerie light on the hills, and the double rainbow hidden in those dark, brooding clouds. They will give you some idea of what we saw.

Several years ago when I was still working in oils only, I spent several months trying to paint a partial rainbow at the south end of the lake.  It was a very different scene as the day was brilliant which is likely why we could see only the part of the rainbow that was almost touching the mountain and none in the sky.

In the photograph above, the double nature of the rainbow is quite clear, and the clouds are scowling almost all around it.  Really stunning!

Oh, how I wish I had the ability to paint this one!  The rainbow, the pink clouds among the dark, the pink light on the cliff's face, the shadow on the mountain, the reflection in the lake, and then the lake itself . . . just glorious!

So with my tongue hanging out in envy at Nature's work, I hope you will enjoy this pictures as much as I do!

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  1. Mother Nature does inspiring work !! It looks so peaceful even if a storm is brewing.