Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rainy Day at the Lake

Early one morning, I glanced out at the raft in the lake and saw an unusual looking bird, but I couldn't identify it without binoculars even though it was quite a large bird.  This is what I saw.  It is a gull which isn't unusual, but we have never seen this particular type of gull at this lake before.  It is a black-backed gull, the largest of the gulls.  Quite a specimen, isn't it?   Maybe it set the tone for some striking photographic opportunities later in the day.

After our walk that morning, the day got darker and darker, and we got to watch it rolling in from the south end of the lake. 

You can't see the mountain that is often visible in the gap between these two.

In the above picture, I wanted to capture the mass of clouds that dwarf the mountains, and then in the one below, I wanted to see how the clouds lie among the folds of the cliffs.  And can you see that tiny blue triangle in the sky?

No matter what the weather is at the lake, it's always worth observing!

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