Monday, September 14, 2015

Haste Makes Waste

Last night I held up the quilt I had - almost - finished at Quilt Camp and discovered the mistake I made when hurrying to complete it.  It was Sunday, and we leave Quilt Camp by 4:00 so I buckled down to work as soon as we got there in the morning.  First I sewed the blocks into rows, and by lunch I had sewed the first four rows together into a unit and the final three rows into another unit.  Then I took a break and ate lunch.

After lunch thinking the end was within my grasp, I quickly sewed the two units together and turned my attention to preparing the two borders.  Even though I got distracted for a while, I did make good headway and managed to cut and sew on three sides of the first border.  By the time we headed for home, the knowledge I hadn't completed the entire project had stopped stinging.  It was so close to completion I reasoned that I could safely expect to get it all ready by next weekend.  That's when I have class at the same quilt shop and would therefor be able to turn over the quilt to the machine quilter.

BUT, last night I found that I had sewed the second unit (of the bottom three rows) to the first upside down!  Now I have to take the borders off, un-sew the two units, re-sew them the correct way, re-sew the first border, prepare the second border, and sew it on after checking that everything is oriented correctly.

That's why haste is such a waste of time!

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  1. Yes, haste is a waste of time -- we all know that ! So, why do we continue to try to quickly finish things when time is running out?