Thursday, March 10, 2016

Applique X 2

The other day when I talked about the meeting of friends for some sewing, laughter, and chatter I may - or may not - have mentioned I was starting a "primitive" wool applique project.  SMcG and I are working on the same project which is why we were cutting and sharing fabrics for our backgrounds.  The pattern comes from Buttermilk Basin, and we both have our own ideas about how we want the finished project will look.  SMcG is pure primitive in her ethos, and I have to "pretty" up everything.

Here is the almost-finished first block:

Wow, I do wish I could figure out the color issue!  You'd never know it, but the background of this block is green and the moon is a purple and gray plaid.  This project is a delight because it means working with wool and using embroidery.  That's where I will be a little less "primitive" than some.  I will be using more embroidery stitches than is usual with this style.  But the biggest difference is that I may "correct" some of the patterns.  Why do you suppose that we think folk art was done by people who didn't know anything about drawing?  Okay, some work is definitely rough, but not every artist drew like a child!  However, it can be charming.  It will be fun to compare my project with SMcG.  And here's my prediction: SMcG's work will not be that different overall!

This makes me giggle because this afternoon I started to make myself a new case for my Kindle (the old one wore out).  For the outside I chose a "modern" black with a large taupe print and planned to use a Kaffe Fasset for the lining.  However, for the outer pocket I picked this black with the small gray and off-white print.  Looking at the Fasset I decided to do something new.  I cut out the large print and plan to applique it on the front of the pocket (which will be lined with the same material).  While I've done broderie perse (that's what this is technique is called) before, I've never done it with such contrast.  


I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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