Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Key West - Introductory Day 1

We chose Key West as a destination for this year because  - well, there were several reasons.  First, D really feels the lack of sunlight most in March.  Second, I've always wanted to go to Key West because so many people talked about it with enthusiasm and there are special sights there.  Third, we have friends who are fun to travel with who were willing to go on this adventure with us. Fourth, there was a Road Scholar trip we could take.

On the day we arrived, we had time to check in to our hotel (the Westin) which was probably the most posh place Road Scholar has booked in our experience.  We met the other members of our group, had a quick orientation, and went to dinner in the hotel.  After dinner, we listened to a local deep sea diver tell us about the shipwreckers and the salvage business. It was fascinating!  I'd never really believed either career as reliable roads to fame and fortune outside the covers of books.  Well, I was very wrong!

That and a good night's sleep was the end of the first day.  Photos?  The deluge will begin tomorrow, but I took only about 1,050 on this trip . . .

Smiley face!

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  1. I can't imagine diving far under the water to find sunken ships and see if they have treasure. To make a living at it? Well, you must be really good!