Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Friends in Fabric = Friends Forever

Many times in this blog, I have mentioned friends with whom I share either a quilting or a painting bond.  Today I was fortunate enough to spend time with both groups.  Painting and quilting fun all in one day?  Wow!  Tomorrow I'll write about the painting, but today I want to talk about the quilting group.

There is something that draws women and some men, too, to arts that include fabric.  I've thought about it for a long time, but I can't figure out why that is.  Oh, wait - fabric!  Did I actually say fabric and "I don't know" in the same sentence?  Lovely textiles that appeal to our senses of touch and sight?  Textiles that whisper promises to our creative spirit?  Textiles that provide hours of soothing sewing whether by hand or by machine?  Hmmm . . . I guess that's a few reasons why we're drawn to fabric.  If you think of more, would you share them with me?  Then I can publish a more complete list because inquiring minds want to know.  Or at a least, this one does.

At any rate - we met at different times over a period of many years.  We have different backgrounds, jobs, marital status, etc.  We clicked because we all loved quilting first.  Later we discovered we have similar quirky senses of humor, cherish family, and are kind to animals.

Even though today we were down one, we still talked and talked and talked about everything and nothing.  We laughed a lot at silliness and each other and nothing in particular.

ME finished sewing binding on a project years old (I know because I have the same project waiting for a binding!), SMcG and I shared a lot of fabrics for our wool project and sewed a little, and M worked on a lovely red and white piece that has aged well.  We discussed PBS shows, books, and family.

In short, there isn't much that we did today that isn't done by other groups that share a bond with others - except for the fabric part, maybe.  But still, I feel that this group is special and that the people in it are the best.  Thank you, ladies; I love you each and every one.

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  1. Speaking for myself, my life is so much richer because of my friends. They always have kind words to say and laughter that we all can share. For me the best part of fabric is creating. My job is so non creative that I need something from my heart! Love you all !!!!