Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day Lily - Day 2

Tuesday was painting day, and with so much going on at home, it was once again my only painting day since last Tuesday.  My work on the cover of Breck's bulb catalogue started last week with this:

Now on to what I did this week:

The first thing I did this week was try to find the perfect cerise for the ruffle.  I'm close but not there yet.  I tried lemon yellow and sap green which might have worked except I have deep sap green.  Big difference.  My plan is to try Hooker's green with the same yellow; I think that will do it.

The background wasn't what I wanted so I tried introducing some darker elements and some definition in the green.  I thought it might work.  It didn't.  I should stick to what attracted me to this subject - the photograph.

Check the background on the right.

Another addition - magenta (the paint I purchased), and as you can see in the upper petal, I began to work it in.  While I don't like the way that petal looks outlined with the darker magenta, it's just the first wash and is in the areas that are darker anyway.

Sharon had me take the first draft (the orchid-looking one I posted last week) off my board so I could tape a new piece of paper on.  She suggested I start working on a new day lily as I learn lessons on this one such as how to handle petals, background, etc.  

Have I mentioned before that she's brilliant?


  1. I do believe you've mentioned that Sharon is an awful good teacher! And I can hardly wait to see how this ends up!

  2. I always struggle to get the colors that I want. If I do get close, it seems more an accident than truly planned.