Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Camera Try-Out

Recently through a friend's incredible generosity, I became the proud owner of a new Canon PowerShot A590.  Until today all I have done was set it up and read part of the manual but hadn't taken any photos.  I was waiting for something special to photograph.

Silly me.

Today I realized that and started taking pictures.

Here is one that is special in one way.  It features the photographs of our photographer friend:

Once again you see the shelf in our family room in post-Holiday mode (finally got everything put away!).  The photographs are indistinct but you should be able to recognize the eclipse on the left.  That one is Night.  On the right is Day which is hard to make out.  It's a stunning photo of a bee zooming in on a flower.  While I knew they were on the shelf, I was more concerned with how the camera would deal with the light.  It passed.

The last picture from today's experiment is this shot of the shelf in the living room (shelves as a theme?):

In this photo I wanted to see how the camera would capture this scene - tiny wood carvings and E's special holiday card with her painting of the village in Germany from which her parents emigrated.  I'd say the camera passed again.

Now if I could only do something about the photographer!


  1. personally, I think this photographer does great things. The new decorations are wonderful and look great. What a generous friend!

  2. Dave had prepared me saying that someone gave you a camera. (He has been keeping up with your blogs more than me, as I left my computer at home; he didn't.) At any rate, back to the camera. We were walking with our friends and I commented on how magnificent D's pictures of Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree deserts came out. Dave said the really great photogrpher was his sister, Noel, and she was just given a new camera. My mouth began to salivate. What could be more delicious than the photos she has already taken! You'll have to tell us more about how you came to be the recipient of such largesse, and how the new camera compares to the old.